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MMe Peff Modelski

Professional Ballet Coach/Teacher

My professional experience and unique approach will provide the finishing touches to your technique. I always begin by finding how much you can do, enhance your knowledge of how to execute accurate, musical technique and then add the polish and elegant timing which will give you the tools with which to have successful competition and audition experiences and eventually, a long career.

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What My Athletes Think

“Challenging. Fun. Rewarding. is all of the above and more! If you are looking for a fun way of practicing sports and improving your game in the process, look no further than Jon Doe. Within a few weeks, I felt stronger, confident, and more inspired.”

Intermediate Player

“Jon Doe trains athletes and knows what it is like to be out on the field. At I perfected valuable skills to enhance my abilities, and my game has dramatically improved ever since.”

Seasoned Player

“I knew there was a star inside of me but I felt stuck and uninspired whenever I was out in the field. In just 8 weeks of training with Jon Doe, I was pushing my body further than I ever thought possible. Highly recommended!”

Beginner Player

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