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Joyous learning of movement patterns that are effective, effortless and always available for living your daily life and professions.

based upon the principles of Feldenkrais Method for over 25 years

Eloquent Movement©

Eloquent Movement© is based upon a 25 year practice as a Guild Certified feldenkrais Practitioner, now retired, and is focused on the needs of professionals in the theatre, dance, musicians and artists.

The Feldenkrais Method, developed by Dr Moshe Feldenkrais, D. Sc. to re-train bodily habits of ineffectual movement into vital energetic daily life. Using the knowledge of how the brain and human nervous system work together to teach the habits which enable us to live, breath, learn, work, dance, heal and be creative thinkers, this method employs the use of tiny, gentle movement. This provides the brain with clear vibrational messages which enhance, improve or create new brain habits for better breathing and movement.

This work now is based upon the principles of the Feldenkrais Method as she practiced for over 25 years, and the skills and knowledge as  classical ballet dancer, teacher and coach for 6 decades.

The movement is always appropriate to the individual.

The pull of gravity affects everything-work with it! Start at the feet.

Eloquent Movement© for Dancers

Every dancer starts the day fresh and new. Renewing the patterns which are required for perfected performance quality on a regular basis can take its toll, with over work, fatigue, touring and long rehearsals. 

The Eloquent Movement© perception is restorative work and  gives the dancer  knowledge of their specific needs and the tools with which to trouble shoot.

I believe that dancers deserve to have their own command over their physical experiences as much as possible , before they resort to applied medicine of any kind. 

Ice baths( now debunked by the doctor who invented the concept), wooden arch stretchers, bumpy foot rollers, hard styrofoam rollers. stretchy bands, heating pads  are all on the outside. They are tools, not substitutes for precise definition in technique every day.  Eloquent Movement© works on the inside-inclluding the brain and enhancing patterns of movement int o synchronization.

When a dancer struggles to make a movement happen freely, recovers from an injury or an illness, the body is in a different state. Eloquent Movement© privates sessions,  bring the dancer back to “normal” without painful exercises, drugs or effortful, forceful manipulation.

The movements are simple, easy to do and immediately effective as well as long range.

Eloquent Movement© for the Public

Workshops, Intensives and Private sessions

Classes are for anyone and are verbally directed movement, again with gentle, easy movements which allow the brain to integrate smooth synchronized movement.

Workshops for the public focus on daily movement- walking, running, sitting at a computer or in a plane, reaching easily.

Intensives are all day workshops focusing on specifics of movement which require problem solving. Learning how to learn to be self governing, and independent,  in your  movement.​ Especially designed for high functioning athletes, dancers and professional performers.

Private sessions are one-on-one  addressing individual movement problems., such as painful, back, stiff knees,  breathing difficulties, getting up from the floor.

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