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Honoring tradition.

The Art of Classical Ballet


My Teaching

Focusing on the feet as the platform for balance in stability and motion, I bring the dancer to a clear knowledge of what they are actually doing physically which promotes or denies them command over their technique and performance quality. I believe that all learning is first experiential, then practice for timing, then creative with those tools for performance.


Visceral Dance Center

Fridays at Noon, + Zoom,  SUndays at 4 pm Zoom
2820 N Elston, Chicago IL

PeffPointe© Tutus 

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Private Coaching

1 hour sessions improving technical and/or performance quality for professionals and pre-professionals. Coaching for recognized classical ballet competitions. Preparation for auditions.



By appointment  only.  Teacher Masterclass Intensives one or two weeks for teachers of advanced dancers and professionals returning from injury.


PeffPointe© Clinics and Teacher Training

PeffPointe© Clinics are 1-5  day intensives for teachers only to observe their students in small groups to address the issues which always arise-from getting onto the pointe shoes to sewing the ribbons in the correct place for each individual.
PeffPointe Teacher Trainings© are 3-5 day Intensives, for teachers only, covering everything from plie and tendus to pointe work and men's work.

Eloquent Movement©

Eloquent Movement© is based upon my 25 year practice as a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, now retired.   It is focused upon the needs of professionals in theatre, dance, musicians and artists.


.Developed by Dr Moshe Feldenkrais, D. Sc. to re-train bodily habits of ineffectual movement into vital energetic daily life. Using the knowledge of how the brain and human nervous system work together to teach the habits which enable us to live, breath, learn work, dance, heal and be creative thinkers, this method employs the use of gentle movement , providing the brain with clear vibrations messages which enhance, improve or create new brain habits for better breathing and movement.
Applied in two ways,  hands on private sessions where the individual’s learning is led  by teacher's  hands.
Eloquent Movement© classes are for anyone and are verbally directed movement, again with gentle, easy movements which allow the brain to integrate smooth synchronized movement.

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