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Morgan - the first dog

When I was little, my mother worked for a TV producer who had a beautiful basset hound named Morgan. He was such a love. MOrgan became a famous TV star. A character in the TV show had the same jowly, droopy face, so the audience would see the two faces alike. Humor in TV used to be so much fun, and easy.

Since the TV producer was in a wheelchair, Morgan sat under his desk when they were not shooting. It was a lonely life for him. He looked very , very sad all the time - ideal for the TV show, but not for him as a dog.

In the summers, the TV producer went to California for treatment for his ailment and Morgan came to stay with us.

The second summer, kittens were born in my bottom drawer. Snoopy, the first cat, was on loan to us to have her kittens. Three adorable little balls of fur crawled over the top of the drawer eventually and were met by the adoring eyes of Morgan.

He was so gentle and patient, and evidently delighted, and they played "hide and go seek" around his ears which were so long they drooped on the floor. It was a happy summer for all of us, Morgan, and the kitties...Christopher Columbus, the first one to come over the edge of the drawer, followed by Ringer and Misty who was a dandelion of pale grey fur.

When Morgan went back to the TV producer to start shooting the next season, they could not use him for the first week because he was smiling. Have you ever seen a basset hound smile?

In the usmmers he went to California

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