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Cat story 1950 New York City


While my two little kittens Ringer and Misty were growing up I started taking formal ballet classes with Margaret Craske at the Metropolitan opera house in New York City.

Each time I would come home, my mother and father would ask me to show them what I had learned that day.

The kittens were fascinated by watching my feet go in and out from first or fifth position to tendu and return.

They would run after my toes and tap on the ends of my feet with their little paws that had little claws in them. They were helping me learn to keep the tips of my toes on the floor.

One day I came home all excited and said I have learned to do First Arabesque

My mother and father sat quietly and asked me to show them all the parts of the process my teacher had delineated.

I stood with my feet is turned out as possible in a fifth position. As I took the front foot to coupe front my little Ringer, a beautiful black and white tuxedo cat, came and leaned against the front of my ankle with his tail in the air purring loudly.

As I took my foot through the passe and into the Arabesque behind me, he looked up at me and he picked up one of his hind legs and developed it out behind him in a stretch as well.

We danced forget together every day from then on. Lived to be well over 20 years old and we did and Arabesque together every single day. Was the most charming gentlemanly dedicated partner I ever had.

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