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Professional Ballet Coach/Teacher

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MMe Peff Modelski

My professional experience and unique approach will provide the finishing touches to your technique. I always begin by finding how much you can do, enhance your knowledge of how to execute accurate, musical technique and then add the polish and elegant timing which will give you the tools with which to have successful competition and audition experiences and eventually, a long career.

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Mme Peff

Professional Classical Ballet Coach and Master Teacher

A lifelong professional, I trained initially in New York with Margaret  Craske, then at the School of American Ballet, and the American Ballet Theatre School with Leon Danielian. My training included Graham, Taylor and Limon techniques, flamenco, singing and acting.


My career was propelled, and influenced,  by dancing for major European and American ballet companies, and by Jerome Robbins as an original member of Fiddler On the Roof.

My teaching career was 30 years at Steps NYC, teaching daily. Dancers from every discipline resident in NYC     from ballet to Broadway.

I have taught the winning competitors at the  2010 USA IBC, and PeffPointe Teacher Trainings there and in Chicago.


My greatest joy is to be in the studio with the dancers, and have been often a guest teacher for Ballet West, both company and academy.

I continue to teach ballet class at Visceral in Chicago and coach serious young competitors independently, by appointment only.

I am a retired Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, now Eloquent Movement© teacher  in private practice for 25 years, working with high functioning dancers, athletes , and young dancers both for injury recovery and prevention.

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Mme Peff

"The quality of your movement is the quality of your life. You create that every moment with your unique skill, determination, work ethic and talent."

Private Coaching

Chicago based by appointment only in studio or on Zoom

1 hour sessions improving technical and/or performance quality for professionals and pre-professionals . Coaching for recognized classical ballet competitions. Preparation for auditions.



Teachers and advanced students 

One or two week Masterclasses for Teachers preparing advanced classically trained ballet dancers


PeffPointe© Clinics and Teacher Training & Repair 

1, 3 and 5 day Intensives


PeffPointe© Clinics are 1-5 day intensives for teachers to observe their pre-professional students in small groups to address the issues which always arise-from getting onto the pointe shoes to sewing the ribbons in the correct place for each individual.  At the advanced technical levels this involves the mechanical approach to consistent non-injurious dancing at the highest international standard.
PeffPointe Teacher Trainings© are 3-5 day Intensives, for teachers only, covering everything from plie and tendus to pointe work and men's work.

REPAIR clinics are for professional and advanced dancers returning from trauma, injury and overwork. Eloquent Movement© is based upon the Feldenkrais Method, and provides gentle non-conflictive movements which re-organize patterns of movement. This is done with both floor or chair classes, individually on in groups and individual private hands on teaching.

Coaching for Ballet Competitions

The world of classical ballet, and competitions, is full of well-trained young dancers from all over the world. The  better the training, the longer the career. I am teaching dancers to think, learn, memorize, problem solve, prevent injury, trouble shoot, be creative muses and the life skills needed to live a life of rehearsing and performing


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